Event Rentals

Interested in renting space at Salem Academy and College for your event? 

Facilities Details


To see a list of available spaces, prices and square footage, please click on the link on the right under Facilities Details. 


The list of appropriate contacts for off-campus groups interested in renting these spaces is below (on-campus groups should check the list on My Salem for information): 

Academy (reception rooms, dining room, crecreation room, auditorium, library, classrooms): Mary Lorick Thompson, assistant head of school.

Athletic fields, gymnasium, pool: Dr. Kim Fierke, physical education department

Babcock Residence Hall kitchen: Babcock Residence Hall director

Chapel: Goldia Anderson, Office of the President

Classrooms: Goldia Anderson, Office of the President

Clewell Patio:  Goldia Anderson, goldia.anderson@salem.edu

Club Dining Room/Refectory: Goldia Anderson, goldia.anderson@salem.edu

Music Library: Donna Rothrock, donna.rothrock@salem.edu 

Rondthaler-Gramley House: Melissa Wilson, Institutional Advancement, melissa.wilson@salem.edu

Alumnae House: Rosanna Mallon, alumnae office, rosanna.mallon@salem.edu

Library: Goldia Anderson, goldia.anderson@salem.edu

Main Hall (non-classroom space): Ramona Raines, ramona.raines@salem.edu

Parking Lots: Public Safety, publicsafety@salem.edu 

Salem Commons: Goldia Anderson, goldia.anderson@salem.edu

Trustee Room, Inspector's House: Wanda Motsinger, wanda.motsinger@salem.edu 

Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather the College will be opening at 9:30 AM on Friday, February 27, 2015.
Fri Feb 27 12:00:00 EST 2015